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Wholesale Meat Products, Portion Control Packaging

Holiday Meats sells a full line of USDA Inspected fresh meat, boxed meats, and provisions.

Holiday Meats also specializes in portion control packaging, with the most modern, up to date
portion control machinery available.


Holiday Meats can package any meat, any size, and even "dry age" your beef before packaging. 
Portion Control Packaging eliminates waste and spoilage, and extends the shelf life of your
wholesale meat inventory. 

Need meat and other food service items right now?  Holiday Meats entire inventory is available on a cash and carry basis.  We accept all major credit cards.

Click HERE to download and print our product list

Our products include:

Fresh Beef
Fresh Veal
Fresh Lamb
Fresh Pork
Fresh Poultry
  Food Service Provisions
Dairy and Cheese
Fresh Hamburgers (We Ground Our Own Beef!)



Call us for an appointment to visit our newly renovated Little Silver NJ facility,with the largest walk-in coolers in the area!

Holiday Meats is also open to the public. 

We will portion and vacuum pack your wholesale meat orders for you, contact us for more information.

Call us now at 732-345-7400 for a quick price quote on
your next wholesale meat delivery.


Beef     Veal     Lamb     Pork     Poultry     Provisions

Hotels     Restaurants     Delis     Butcher shops

Delivery to New Jersey and New York


42 Birch Avenue

Little Silver, NJ 07739
Fax orders to: 732-345-7490